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viernes, 7 de octubre de 2016

Música y canciones de Elementary - 5ª Temporada (Music Songs Elementary Season 5)

elementary season 5 quinta temporada

elementary 5x01
5x01 Folie à Deux (Folie à Deux)
  1. The War syml
elementary 5x02
5x02 Por valor de varias ciudades (Worth Several Cities)
  1. Paper Moon Miner
elementary 5x03
5x03 Render, y luego tomarla (Render, and then Seize Her)
  1. Higher Love Steve Winwood 
  2. Higher Love James Vincent McMorrow
elementary 5x04
5x04 Vale varias ciudades (Worth Several Cities)
  1. Frankenstein The Edgar Winter Group
  2. Side By Side Draculas
elementary 5x06
5x06 Malas noticias (Ill Tidings)
  1. Someone Has Always Got Someone Brendan Losch
elementary 5x07
5x07 Bang Bang Disparo Chute (Bang Bang Shoot Chute)
  1. Dreams to Tell (Reprise) The Bones of J.R. Jones
elementary 5x08
5x08 Cómo se hace la salchicha (How the Sausage is Made)
  1. The State of Mind Caveman
elementary 5x09
5x09 Le sirve derecho a sufrir (It Serves You Right to Suffer)
  1. Weight Lee DeWyze
elementary 5x10
5x10 Elige tu veneno (Pick Your Poison)
  1. Bones of Man Equador
elementary 5x11
5x11 Sé mi invitado (Be My Guest)
  1. Quando, Quando, Quando Engelbert Humperdinck 
  2. People Are Human Layup

elementary 5x12
5x12 Coronado payaso, Centro de la ciudad marrón (Crowned Clown, Downtown Brown)
  1. Bloodline Mark Lanegan 
  2. Bell waits for Chantal at a bar; she calls and says she can't make it. As he gets ready to leave, Bell bumps into another patron, spilling his drink and causing an altercation between the two men. Natural Child 
  3. No Trip Natural Child
elementary 5x13
5x13 Sobre un barril (Over a Barrel)
  1. Updraught Zoe Keating 
  2. Con la Ultima Bala Qbanito 
  3. Tropics (Erase Traces) My Morning Jacket
elementary 5x14
5x14 Rekt en la vida real (Rekt in Real Life)
  1. You and Everyone Else The Rocketboys 
  2. Baring Teeth for Revolt Goatwhore 
  3. I Was Guilty Power Steering
elementary 5x16
5x16 Fidelidad (Fidelity)
  1. Whatever, Wherever Band of Horses
elementary 5x17
5x17 La Balada de Lady Frances (The Ballad of Lady Frances)
  1. Body Fit Myløs
  2. It's So Hard The Frost
elementary 5x19
5x19 Calor alto (High Heat)
  1. Nothing but a Fight The Palace Steps
elementary 5x20
5x20 El Arte de los Trucos y el Engaño (The Art of Sleights and Deception)
  1. Adore Amy Shark
elementary 5x21
5x21 Vuela en una rabia, hacer un mal aterrizaje (Fly into a Rage, Make a Bad Landing)
  1. Light the Way River Matthews
elementary 5x22
5x22 Múltiples objetivos (Moving Targets)
  1. Love & Hate Michael Kiwanuka
elementary 5x23
5x23 Revuelto (Scrambled)
  1. Low Bonfire Nights
elementary 5x24
5x24 Me lastimó, lastimó (Hurt Me, Hurt You)
  1. Stove Top Dave East 
  2. Griptide BARBAROSSA

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