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miércoles, 7 de junio de 2017

Música y canciones Fear The Walking Dead - 3ª Temporada (Music Songs Fear The Walking Dead Season 3)

Fear The Walking Dead primera temporada 3 season
Fear The Walking Dead 3x02
3x02 La nueva frontera (The New Frontier)
  1. Something Low from This Way Comes Throats
Fear The Walking Dead 3x03
3x03 Teotwawki
  1. We Can Be Heroes Ozark Henry 
  2. Once In a While Dean Martin
Fear The Walking Dead 3x04
3x04 100
  1. Amigo Bronco Bronco
  2. Tate-The Wind Blue Chip Orchestra
Fear The Walking Dead 3x05
3x05 Burning in Water, Drowning in Flame
  1. When I Grow Too Old to Dream Dinah Shore
  2. Some Kind of Ghost Black Rebel Motorcycle Club
  3. Slave the Hive High On Fire
  4. Killing Machine Tony Crown
Fear The Walking Dead 3x08
3x08 Children of Wrath
  1. Stand By Me Ki:Theory
Fear The Walking Dead 3x09
3x09 Minotaur
  1. Death Is Not the End (2011 Remastered Version) Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds
Fear The Walking Dead 3x10
3x10 The Diviner
  1. Negro y Azul: Ballad of Heisenberg Los Cuates de Sinaloa 
  2. Mariachi De Amigos Donald Quan & Rick Lazar
Fear The Walking Dead 3x11
3x11 La Serpiente
  1. M.T.M.E. Alexandra Savior 
  2. Palaces of Montezuma Grinderman
3x13 This Land is Your Land
  1. This Land is Your Land (feat. Alycia Debnam-Carey) Fear The Walking Dead Cast 
  2. This Land Is Your Land Woody Guthrie
3x14 El Matadero
  1. Anemone The Brian Jonestown Massacre
3x15 Things Bad Begun
  1. Sin dones Juana Molina
3x16 Sleigh Ride
  1. Sleigh Ride Johnny Mathis
  2. The Christmas Spell Peggy Lee 
  3. Long Way Around the Sea Low

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