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viernes, 3 de noviembre de 2017

Música y canciones de Lucifer - 3ª Temporada (Music Songs Lucifer Season 3)

lucifer 3ª temporada season 3
lucifer 3x01
3x01 They're Back, Aren't They?
  1. High in the Daytime DADWAVE 
  2. Trouble CRMNL 
  3. The Devil You Know X Ambassadors
  4. Shave And A Haircut, Two Bits Traditional
  5. Knock Me Out Vintage Trouble 
  6. Boy Leopold and his Fiction 
  7. SHC Foster the People 
  8. Prawan Ricky Sadha 
  9. Charge Up the Power Goodbye June
lucifer 3x02
3x02 The One with the Baby Carrot
  1. Down Marian Hill 
  2. Here I Am Bones
  3. Get On My Knees Brian Deady 
  4. Bad Bad Bad Mail Order Brides 
  5. Keep On The Pow Pow 
  6. Dropped By The Doves Last Train
lucifer 3x03
3x03 Mr. and Mrs. Mazikeen Smith
  1. Dance POWERS 
  2. Watch Me The Phantoms 
  3. I Like Trouble Jailbreakers Ltd 
  4. Unholy War Jacob Banks 
  5. The Creatures of Prometheus, Op. 43, Act II: Overture Hungarian State Orchestra & András Kórody
  6. Big Sur Porcelain Raft 
  7. You Won't Believe Me If I Told You Zachary Kibbee 
  8. Just a Ghost Enemy Planes
lucifer 3x04
3x04 What Would Lucifer Do?
  1. Chainsmoking Jacob Banks 
  2. Chocolate (feat. Trozé) Big Boi 
  3. Drive Like Lightning (Crash Like Thunder) The Brian Setzer Orchestra
  4. High Sir Sly
  5. Party Like a Rockstar Chase Bell 
  6. Spiraling Jens Kuross 
  7. The Devil Always Gets Her Way Lee Richardson, Jon Murrill, Tom Ford, James Cocozza & Richard Macklin 
  8. You Won't Believe Me If I Told You Zachary Kibbee
lucifer 3x05
3x05 Welcome Back, Charlotte Richards
  1. Dark Love (feat. Danny Pratt) Miami Horror 
  2. Sweet Apple Chase Frank
  3. I'm Dangerous Zachary Kibbee
  4. Heavy POWERS 
  5. Devil In Your Eyes Valerie Broussard 
  6. Are You Happy STACEY
lucifer 3x06
3x06 Vegas with Some Radish
  1. Happy Birthday Lucifer Cast 
  2. In da Club 50 Cent 
  3. Fever Lucifer Cast 
  4. I Love Me Meghan Trainor & LunchMoney Lewis 
  5. Highway Tune Greta Van Fleet 
  6. Waiting On a Friend The Rolling Stones 
  7. Luck Be A Lady Lucifer Cast 
  8. Restless Cold War Kids
  9. Being Evil Has a Price Heavy Young Heathens
lucifer 3x07
3x07 Off the Record
  1. Give It Up THE BEACHES
  2. Dancing in the Fire Jc Autobody 
  3. Hot Blood Kaleo 
  4. Devil's Head Down Pearl and the Beard 
  5. Ready for the Devil (No Mercy) Vision Vision 
  6. So Tied Up (feat. Bishop Briggs) Cold War Kids 
  7. Check It Out Oh The Larceny
lucifer 3x08
3x08 Chloe Does Lucifer
  1. J-Boy Phoenix 
  2. Egypt, Egypt Egyptian Lover 
  3. tonite LCD Soundsystem 
  4. Eyes Wide Open The Pow Pow 
  5. Legend The Score
  6. Devil’s Gonna Come Raphael Lake & Royal Baggs
lucifer 3x09
3x09 The Sinnerman
  1. Reckless JAXSON GAMBLE 
  2. Cold Blood Valen 
  3. There She Is Johnny Amoroso 
  4. In the Shadows Amy Stroup
lucifer 3x10
3x10 The Sin Bin
  1. Sin Oficio Systema Solar
  2. Down to the Bottom DOROTHY 
  3. Cherry Bomb The Runaways 
  4. Devil's Souls Dirty Monster
lucifer 3x11
3x11 City of Angels?
  1. Vehicle The Ides of March 
  2. Walk This Land EZ Rollers 
  3. One Time JMR
  4. Changes (feat. Tom Ellis) Lucifer Cast 
  5. Watch Me Take It Away Cameron Avery 
  6. Summer Romance Jordyn Kane 
  7. Pony Ginuwine
  8. Sleepwalking Bleached 
  9. We Just Wanna Have Fun The Never Never 
  10. You're the Best Joe "Bean" Esposito 
  11. American Funeral Alex Da Kid & Joseph Angel 
  12. I’m on Fire Nicholas Kingsley & Daniel Farrant
lucifer 3x12
3x12 All About Her
  1. Watch 'Em Fall Beasts With No Name 
  2. Good for You Apache Rifles 
  3. Lost Control With Lions
  4. Heart Is an Animal Deap Vally 
  5. Pyramids Naked Giants
  6. Head Like a Haunted House Queens of the Stone Age
  7. Better the Devil You Know Animal Fiction
lucifer 3x13
3x13 Til Death Do Us Part
  2. Wont Knock on My Door Trevor Menear
  3. Sleeptalker Beasts With No Name 
  4. Lucifer SHINee 
  5. More Than A Feeling Lucifer Cast 
  6. There Goes the Neighborhood Body Count
  7. Number 1 Pop Hit The Ivory Elephant 
  8. John the Revelator Larkin Poe
lucifer 3x14
3x14 My Brother's Keeper
  1. The Answer Aquamoan 
  3. Run Run Run Kari Kimmel 
  4. Blow Blossoms
  5. All out of Love (feat. Fallon) Electric Treasure 
  6. Unstoppable MAWR
  7. All the Time Bahamas
  8. Hustler Josef Salvat
lucifer 3x15
3x15 High School Poppycock
  1. Knock on My Door Mail Order Brides 
  2. California Numb Cloves 
  3. Drops of Jupiter Train 
  4. Did U Think Juanita Brown 
  5. Let Me Blow Ya Mind (feat. Gwen Stefani) Eve 
  6. Bad Love Ry X 
  7. Only You Yazoo
lucifer 3x16
3x16 Infernal Guinea Pig
  1. Glory Calls MAWR 
  2. Ghost Striking Matches
  3. Devil in Me (feat. Joe Killington & Duane Harden) Purple Disco Machine 
  4. Phonograph Blues The Parlor Vinyls 
  5. I Don't Believe in Satan Aron Wright
lucifer 3x17
3x17 Let Pinhead Sing!
  1. AK-47 Skye Townsend 
  2. Dust In The Wind Lucifer Cast 
  3. Party of the Year Siege 
  4. Law and Panda Weaves 
  5. Bring Out The Bad Rivvrs 
  6. Your Time Has Come Rosa Pullman 
  7. Turn You Out Pom Poms
  8. I Will Survive Lucifer Cast 
  9. Noreg Skye Townsend 
  10. Take Me Now Cut One & Wolfgang Black
lucifer 3x18
3x18 The Last Heartbreak
  1. Love Is Strange Mickey & Sylvia 
  2. Gone Away Toby Lightman
  3. Piano at Midnight Dick Walter 
  4. Since You Fell in Love Joe Montgomery 
  5. Cloud Full of Tears Gary Trexler 
  6. Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me She & Him 
  7. Fix Me Beck 
  8. Darkness in Your Heart Cowbell 
  9. Torches X Ambassadors
lucifer 3x19
3x19 Orange is the New Maze
  1. Islands My Goodness 
  2. Highway Bleeker
  3. Too Many Girls The Mystery Lights 
  4. Hunt Me Down The Black Angels 
  5. Locked & Loaded The Brevet 
  6. Oh Here We Go (feat. Tito Ortiz) The Pow Pow 
  7. Moonlight Sonata (Beethoven) Robin Alciatore 
  8. Start a War Klergy & Valerie Broussard
lucifer 3x20
3x20 The Angel of San Bernardino
  1. Ball N Chain SUR
  2. Watcha Want Willa J 
  3. Angel Joseph of Mercury 
  4. Turn Down For What DJ Snake & Lil Jon 
  5. Money Caroline Rose
  6. So Bad Doran Danoff Taking 
  7. In The Air Tonight Jon Howard
lucifer 3x21
3x21 Anything Pierce Can Do I Can Do Better
  1. Giselle Ou Les Wilis : Ballet-Pantomime In Two Acts: Act 2: Entrée Du Prince Et Apparition De Giselle Andrew Mogrelia & Slovak Radio Symphony Orchestra 
  2. The Lowdown Warbly Jets 
  3. Giselle : Act II: Grand pas de deux: Adagio Slovak Radio Symphony Orchestra & Andrew Mogrelia 
  4. Walk My Own Line The Werewolves 
  5. Where To Go Sounds Like Moving 
  6. Used To Know Starcrawler 
  7. Fleurs De La Lune of Verona 
  8. Cross My Heart Valerie Broussard
lucifer 3x22
3x22 All Hands on Decker
  1. Yeah Yeah Yeah Red Red Lips
  2. Playin You Confidant 
  3. Neon Truck Stop Sign Black River Delta 
  4. Better Man Black River Delta 
  5. Untitled L.A. WITCH 
  6. You'd Gotta Be Alive St. Francis Hotel 
  7. Get the Party Started P!nk 
  8. Confident Demi Lovato
  9. I Love It (feat. Charli XCX) Icona Pop
lucifer 3x23
3x23 Quintessential Deckerstar
  1. Sweet Dreams BØRNS 
  2. Devil On The Run Youth 
  3. The Way We Were Barbra Streisand 
  4. Heart and Soul (Remastered) Hoagy Carmichael & Frank Loesser 
  5. You Killed Me on the Moon BLOW 
  6. Covered Wagon Lo Tom 
  7. Tempt My Trouble Bishop Briggs 
  8. Only You Yaz 
  9. Hellfire Barns Courtney 
  10. Ashes Claire Guerreso
lucifer 3x24
3x24 A Devil of My Word
  1. The End Diane Birch 
  2. Refugees Sonny Smith 
  3. Treat Me Like Your Mother The Dead Weather 
  4. The Beginning of the End Klergy & Valerie Broussard
lucifer 3x25
3x25 Boo Normal
  1. Shine on Me Dan Auerbach 
  2. Obsessed Danger Twins
  3. The Hungry Wolf X
  4. Over and Over and Over Jack White 
  5. 50 Ft Drive Western Medication
  6. Devil's Souls Dirty Monster
  7. Live in the Moment Portugal the Man 
  8. Sanctuary Welshly Arms
lucifer 3x26
3x26 Once Upon a Time
  1. My Way (feat. Tom Ellis) Lucifer Cast 
  2. Fox On the Run The Sweet 
  3. Speed Queen Thunderpussy
  4. Heroes (Single Version) David Bowie

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