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viernes, 23 de septiembre de 2016

Música y canciones de Anatomía de Grey - 13ª Temporada (Music Songs Grey's Anatomy Season 13)

Grey's Anatomy Anatomía season temporada 13
Grey's Anatomy Anatomía Grey 13x01
13x01 Deshacer (Undo)
  1. Testify Davie 
  2. All I Do Yuna
  3. Bring It Back To Me Martin Luke Brown 
  4. Hallelujah Alicia Keys
Grey's Anatomy Anatomía Grey 13x02
13x02 La catástrofe y la Cura (Catastrophe and the Cure)
  1. Pick You Up Kevin Ross 
  2. Faith (feat. Sarah Drew) Grey's Anatomy Cast
  3. Faith Sleeping at Last 
  4. You're the Last Thing on My Mind Aron Wright
Grey's Anatomy Anatomía Grey 13x03
13x03 No hay milagro de Ana Sullivan (I Ain't No Miracle Worker)
  1. Blown (feat. Kent Jones) DNCE 
  2. Heart In My Hands Andreya Triana 
  3. Diamond Bandit Heart 
  4. Here I Am Clare Maguire
Grey's Anatomy Anatomía Grey 13x04
13x04 Cayendo lentamente (Falling Slowly)
  1. Broken Bones Kaleo
  2. Whispers Davie
  3. Conqueror Estelle
  4. West Sleeping at Last
  5. Stop Where You Are Corinne Bailey Rae
  6. Losin Control Russ
Grey's Anatomy Anatomía Grey 13x05
13x05 Ahora ambos lados (Both Sides Now)
  1. The Feels Estelle 
  2. The Story Never Ends (Piano Version) Lauv 
  3. My Mind Is an Endless Sea The Wind and The Wave 
  4. Something's Missing (feat. Aron Wright) Kris Orlowski 
  5. Something is missing Aron Wright
Grey's Anatomy Anatomía Grey 13x06
13x06 Rugido (Roar)
  1. Good Rhythm (feat. G. Love) Eric Hutchinson 
  2. Summer Benjamin Francis Leftwich
Grey's Anatomy Anatomía Grey 13x07
13x07 ¿Por qué intentar cambiarme ahora? (Why Try to Change Me Now)
  1. 1968 James David 
  2. 1968 Davie
  3. Remember Home (feat. Alessia Cara) Sebastian Kole
  4. It Ain't Easy Muddy Magnolias
Grey's Anatomy Anatomía Grey 13x08
13x08 La habitación donde sucede (The Room Where It Happens)
  1. Drag Me Down Brooklyn Duo 
  2. Bach: Sonata No. 1 In G Minor, BWV 1001 - II. Fuga - Allegro Johann Sebastian Bach 
  3. All of Your Glory BROODS 
  4. Unaccompanied Cello Suite No. 6 in D Major, BWV 1012: Prélude Yo-Yo Ma
Grey's Anatomy Anatomía Grey 13x09
13x09 No has hecho nada (You Haven't Done Nothin')
  1. You Wouldn't Like Me Tegan and Sara 
  2. Somewhere Only We Know Lily Allen 
  3. Bottom Of A Well Kyle Neal 
  4. Song Beneath a Song Mating Ritual 
  5. You Wouldn't Like Me Sleeping at Last
Grey's Anatomy Anatomía Grey 13x10
13x10 Usted puede mirar (pero no tocaría mejor) (You Can Look (But You'd Better Not Touch))
  1. Waterski to Texas Budo & Kris Orlowski
  2. 22 Gavin James
Grey's Anatomy Anatomía Grey 13x11
13x11 Jukebox Hero (Jukebox Hero)
  1. Bridge Zoe Durrant 
  2. Killing Me Luke Sital-Singh 
  3. Smoke Without Fire David Gray
Grey's Anatomy Anatomía Grey 13x12
13x12 No es asunto tuyo (None of Your Business)
  1. Transformation David Gray 
  2. Little Pieces of You Ben Hartley
Grey's Anatomy Anatomía Grey 13x13
13x13 Sólo se pone peor (It Only Gets Much Worse)
  1. Found My Vibe Sarah Bollinger 
  2. Kiss My Feet Laura Mvula 
  3. Blinded By the Lights Dan Caplen
Grey's Anatomy Anatomía Grey 13x14
13x14 Atrás Donde perteneces (Back Where You Belong)
  1. My Kind of Crazy Royal
  2. People Say Seramic
  3. Don't Play Games Aron Wright
  4. Sorry Aquilo
Grey's Anatomy Anatomía Grey 13x15
13x15 Guerra civil (Civil War)
  1. Got Your Number Serena Ryder 
  2. Way Down We Go (Stripped) Kaleo 
  3. (No One Knows Me) Like the Piano Sampha 
  4. I Know Better John Legend
Grey's Anatomy Anatomía Grey 13x16
13x16 ¿Quién es él (y qué es él a usted)? (Who Is He (And What Is He To You)?)
  1. Doubt Mary J. Blige  
  2. You Don't Know Jill Scott
Grey's Anatomy Anatomía Grey 13x17
13x17 Hasta que lo oiga de ti (Till I Hear it from You)
  1. Can't Stop Earl St. Clair 
  2. Yes I Do Ben l'Oncle Soul 
  3. Where I Sleep Emeli Sandé 
  4. Anger Sleeping at Last 
  5. Where It Stays Charlotte OC 
  6. Tell Me Where Your Heart Is Verona Music
Grey's Anatomy Anatomía Grey 13x18
13x18 Quédate quieto mi alma (Be Still, My Soul)
  1. Atlas: Heart Sleeping at Last 
  2. God It's Late Aron Wright 
  3. Devil's Sugar Mishcatt 
  4. 10,000 Miles Sleeping at Last 
  5. Closer Kyle Neal
Grey's Anatomy Anatomía Grey 13x19
13x19 ¿Qué hay dentro? (What's Inside)
  1. Lost The Wind and The Wave 
  2. Flow with It (You Got Me Feeling Like) St. Paul & The Broken Bones 
  3. Effortless Sabina Ddumba 
  4. Rest in Peace Aron Wright 
  5. Trudy Aston Merrygold 
  6. Whispers Jai Freedom Lewis & Kevin Skaggs
  7. Wish It Was Snowing Out MONOEYES
Grey's Anatomy Anatomía Grey 13x20
13x20 En el aire esta noche (In the Air Tonight)
  1. That's What I Like Pigeon John 
  2. IKNOW Chris Batson 
  3. Grace Rag'n'Bone Man
Grey's Anatomy Anatomía Grey 13x21
13x21 No me detengas ahora (Don't Stop Me Now)
  1. Can You Hear Me? Amber Mark 
  2. Already All Ready La'Porsha Renae 
  3. Boy like you WESLEE 
  4. Angels Khalid 
  5. Old Friends Jasmine Thompson
Grey's Anatomy Anatomía Grey 13x22
13x22 Dejarlo en el interior (Leave It Inside)
  1. Running Man Ollie Gabriel 
  2. U + Me (Love Lesson) Mary J. Blige 
  3. The One That You Want Madi Diaz
Grey's Anatomy Anatomía Grey 13x23
13x23 Colores verdaderos (True Colors)
  1. Backbeat Dagny 
  2. Dynamite Nicky Blitz
  3. Last to Know Electric Owls
Grey's Anatomy Anatomía Grey 13x24
13x24 Anillo de Fuego (Ring of Fire)
  1. Breathe La'Porsha Renae 
  2. 10,000 Miles Lily Kershaw 
  3. Dancing on My Own Calum Scott

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